At Steam Marketing, we thrive on strategic marketing and design thinking challenges:


We adopt a purpose driven approach to brand strategy and positioning to ensure absolute alignment both internally and externally. This includes the launch of new and relaunch of existing brands. The brand engine consists of a robust toolkit and implementation approach with key deliverables including the brand model, purpose, philosophy, personality and proof.


In a digital and content charged world, it's more and more important to intimately understand the decision making journey and deliver an omni-channel experience. That's why we start out by conducting a digital audit to understand the current state. Then we proceed to digital planning using the powerful SOSTAC model (i.e. situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions, control).

Light Bulb

Light Bulb


Tame problems require conventional problem solving techniques. But these techniques simply do not work for wicked problems. At the very heart of business innovation and growth are unmet needs that require deep understanding. So that's why we are raving fans of the design thinking process and work through 4 questions: what is? what if? what wows? what works? 


We believe in practical marketing programs that deliver business results. That's why our marketing strategy translates into a focused and actionable plan. More than that, we are determined to help our clients save money via a review of current operations. As we are 'agency and execution agnostic, we are driven by the best approach to implementation and measurement.