Think of Steam Marketing as a natural and logical extension of your marketing team. Or even your entire marketing department.

Steam engine

Steam engine

The core purpose of Steam Marketing is to help build truly strong brands by adding an unbiased perspective, senior expertise and extra resourcing. We are focused on strategic marketing and design thinking in a digitally powered world. Ultimately we are ROI driven with a fanatical focus on business results.

More than ever before, consumers are taking complete control and channel options are exploding. But time and resources remain constrained. So the idea of strategic marketing outsiders can be a huge asset, especially when it means you can quickly take advantage of new business opportunities. 

At Steam Marketing, we are a fiercely independent and boutique business which operates a new world model with a virtual network of partners. We are not an advertising agency and we are not management consultants. We optimise marketing investment and we drive business performance. That's why we work with start ups and corporates across a diverse range of industries.

This spans from tackling short term marketing challenges on a project basis through to providing a long term virtual CMO function. And of course, digital transformation including content curation and social media is always a big part of the agenda. So if you are looking to add strategic marketing and design thinking grunt from outsiders who are right on your side, Steam Marketing have the flexibility to engage on a daily, project or retainer arrangement. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland and travel with brains and laptop across Australia and New Zealand.


Matthew Boulton (3rd September 1728 – 17th August 1809) was a very well known British manufacturer. His business partner was the famous engineer James Watt. In the late 18th century, together they commercialised the “Boulton and Watt” steam engine right on the eve of the industrial revolution.

Matthew boulton, james watt and william murdoch

Matthew boulton, james watt and william murdoch

Watt was the inventor and Boulton the entrepreneur. So in every sense, he was the one of the founders of the marketing industry well over 200 years ago. He took great ideas and made them a commercial reality. He always pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible.

From 2011, Boulton and Watt (with the steam engine and Boulton’s Soho Manufactory) made their way onto the 50 pound note issued by the Bank of England. The quotes used sum up the role each business partner played and could equally be applied to technology today:

- James Watt: “I can think of nothing but this machine”

- Matthew Boulton: “I sell here, Sir, what the world desires to have – POWER"

As a direct descendent of Matthew Boulton (like more than 10 generations), this story has always been a favourite based on the huge relevance to the modern marketing profession. That's why the business name Steam Marketing has been proudly carried through! This serves as another gentle reminder about the unwavering need to truly understand your customers and build a unique and relevant brand at the powerful intersection of creativity, psychology and technology. This also helps us to stay true to our brand purpose, be forever curious and always ask the question why. So it's full steam ahead!