Check out these two marketing packages which are geared to high growth SMEs and tech start ups:

1. Marketing Exploration ($2,450+GST per theme)

Here’s a quick fire way to tackle that ‘big ticket’ customer centric challenge and turn it into an opportunity to deliver business results. To help narrow the focus, select your number one priority from the following list of typical themes:

  • Brand positioning
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Customer experience
  • Digital transformation
  • Business innovation

We will then send in a crack team of senior level marketing executives to run an independent, facilitated workshop for up to 4 hours. This will be a highly engaging process to draw upon the collective wisdom of key stakeholders.

Within 2 weeks, your business will be provided with a summary of the workshop findings. To help fuel progress, we will also package up a user friendly and relevant marketing framework together with the recommended next steps.

Of course, we can also develop and deliver customised marketing programs for your business. This spans from short term marketing projects through to a long term virtual CMO function (with direct access to top level marketing talent).

2. Marketing Evaluation ($4,450+GST per option)

To reimagine and reignite your marketing program, the humble audit is often the best place to start. This consists of an independent evaluation of the current state by senior marketing practitioners.

The Effectiveness Evaluation delivers a highly systematic and impartial review of your current marketing program with a focus on:

  • Marketing objectives
  • Target customers
  • Brand positioning
  • Creative approach
  • Media channels
  • Digital marketing

The Value Evaluation is based on benchmarking your current marketing expenses and reducing hard costs through operational efficiency:

  • Creative services
  • Media buying
  • Print and production

We will review and analyse available primary and secondary information and run 1:1 interviews with key internal stakeholders. Within 4 weeks, you will benefit from practical recommendations to help improve the effectiveness and / or value of your marketing program in order to drive ROI.

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